Washoe Wellness provides a unique counseling approach that helps identify the most effective medical cannabis treatment and delivery methods to meet each patients individual needs. We treat our qualified patients as individuals with honesty, integrity and respect.


Washoe Wellness offers exceptional medical assistance and services to qualified patients such as veterans, disabled, and terminally ill .


Washoe Wellness has a social responsibility to this community. We demonstrate this responsibility through our dedicated confidentiality of your medical records and those of your family. We closely monitor your health with compassion and knowledge

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Washoe Wellness is leading the charge in providing medical cannabis recommendations to patients.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide access to medical cannabis products for qualified patients and caregivers in a safe, discreet and convenient atmosphere. We are dedicated to this mission by our three guiding principles of Care, Compassion and Community.


1895 Plumas St., Reno


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